How Engena works

Technological platform

Technological platform

Based on the national and EU provisions regarding the promotion of the development of energy production from renewable sources, Engena wants to make its own blockchain-based energy community model available to interested users with multiple sections that can be customized and configured online, in a simple and according to your needs.

The model adopted is that of an open platform, accessible online, through which users:

  • can themselves promote the establishment of an energy community, exploiting the proposed model and the functionalities of the platform;
  • can become aware of the existence of energy communities in their own territorial area to which they can possibly join;
  • as members of the energy community, they can participate in the collection of the sums needed for the development of the individual production, storage, transport, distribution and possible resale of the energy produced in excess of the needs of the community itself in favor of the GSE or third parties;
  • can obtain from private third parties the funds necessary for the construction of energy production plants serving the energy community;
  • can manage and regulate economic and exchange relations with other members of the energy community;
  • can manage, also in terms of connected payments, consumption and collections for energy resold by the community;
  • may make use of other functions envisaged in the state and subsequent evolutions of the specific offer.

For the constitution of a renewable energy community, no particular corporate or associative forms are required as long as it is identifiable as a subject to which legal responsibility is to be attributed and is not primarily aimed at achieving financial profits.

Aggregations of this kind could be made up of industries, condominiums, hospitals, shopping centers, municipalities and public administrations, brought together to self-produce and consume energy.

The goal of the platform is therefore to tokenize the specific activities of these communities, making them usable in a simple, instant and automatic way, increasing the advantages related to the adoption of the energy community model.

Launching the proposal to set up an energy association or community in a given geographic context or publishing a project through our platform will be simple and accessible to anyone, even to the community of users who intend to install a simple photovoltaic system on the roof of their condominium.

The management of the production, exchange, and sale of energy and the settlement of payments between users through the use of the possibilities linked to a blockchain structure, will allow to achieve an undeniable series of economic savings and advantages in efficiency.

All relations inside and outside the communities will be regulated with the help of the NGN Credit, which will support the services and functions available on the platform. The use of the token will make the regulation of competences instantaneous and automatic, within the community and outside it.

The notarization of contracts and documents (on the Bitcoin blockchain) will apply them a timestamp, making them immediately visible to users and not modifiable without the agreement between the parties.

Two complementary sections will be available on the platform (trading of the energy produced and the plant funding system); both will contribute synergistically to facilitate a widespread diffusion and a "democratization" in the production and use of energy from renewable sources, allowing access and use to a large number of subjects, furthermore, favoring the creation of a greater number of plants, will encourage the spread of clean energy production.