NGN Platform

NGN Platform

NGN Platform

Engena, based of national and EU previsions regarding the promotion of energy production from renewable sources, makes available to interested users a tool, blockchain based, for the management of an Energy Community, with multiple customizable and configurable sections online, simply and according to your needs. The users of an Energy Community associated with the Engena platform will be able to benefit from the advantages of the Energy Communities, follow and participate in the various stages but without suffering the complications associated with its formal management.

Energy Communities

Decentralization is the future of the energy sector: instead of producing energy from classic power plants, in the future millions of families will produce the necessary energy by sharing it with others. But to date, in Italy it was not yet foreseen that a plant could share the energy produced with multiple users. Now a new law gives legal validity to the need to share the energy produced within an aggregation of citizens by introducing in our country the Renewable Energy Communities (CER) or associations between citizens, businesses or businesses that decide to unite the forces to equip themselves with plants for the production and sharing of energy from renewable sources.

Energy communities are defined as a set of subjects who, within a geographical area, are able to produce, consume and exchange energy with a local governance capable of favoring users with a view to self-consumption and self-sufficiency.

The government studied a virtual system for regulating energy items within the CER, providing for the payment of an incentive rate for the energy produced and consumed within the CER. The proceeds will benefit the entire CER and associated users based on the energy consumed.

The Players of a Renewable Energy Community

  • Promoter: Through the platform, the promoter promotes the creation of an energy community by providing for the construction of one or more energy plants in its territorial area including storage systems and charging stations for electric vehicles, be it a private individual, an association, a company, an entity; condominiums can also fall into this area.
  • Prosumer: The prosumer produces energy within the community or in the selected territorial area, using part of it and giving the remaining part to the EC.
  • Contributor: The contributors make available the funds for the construction of renewable energy production plants to be used by the EC.
  • Consumer: Consumers are the end users of the energy produced and shared within the community.

The sections of the Platform

Two sections will be available on the platform:

  • A funding section dedicated to the development of energy production plants serving the community and to regulating relations with internal and external contributors.
  • A trading section to manage the sharing and sale of energy. produced and regulate the relationships between users within the community.

How it works

The promoter will be able to insert his project for the creation of an energy community (pre-feasibility phase) through the compilation of a series of information with the constitutive elements that represent it. The salient data of the proposed Community and of the promoter will be visible to all those who consult the platform and around it will be collected the requests for membership of interested users, after registration. Prosumers and producers interested in joining an EC will send the proposal for their energy production plant to the platform, indicating the EC to join. The platform will notarize all the contracts between the parties and the documentation produced.

Plant funding

Once the proposal for a plant has been approved, the platform will publish it in a specific section with the salient features, subject to the payment of a subscription of variable cost according to the amount requested in the plant funding.

Once the user who intends to participate in the funding of the plants (contributor) passed the preliminary check and identification phase and registered on the portal, he will be listed in a list of accredited contributors. The contributor who has decided to invest in a specific plant will be assigned a number of NGN Credits equal to the amount paid, bound on an escrow wallet. The latter will communicate the address of their personal wallet on which to receive the NGN Credits once they are unlocked and will be able to view all the documents entered by the holders and decide whether to invest in one or more of the available projects. Once the plant is put into operation, the contributors will be entitled to part of the revenues, whether deriving from the incentives received, from the GSE refunds or from the sale of energy produced to third parties (Enel or another operator) or to consumers within the community, according to the procedures previously established by the EC.